Warehouse Solutions

When you work with our warehouse and transport services, you can heavily reduce waste throughout your supply chain. You can shorten lead times for your inventory, and improve overall fulfilment quality whilst reducing your overheads.

We deliver flexible and scalable warehouse solutions to help you meet today’s supply challenges.

As supply chains evolve and consumer demands increase, meeting the requirements of logistics and fulfilment become more and more critical to your success.

Market circumstances, coupled with a significant talent shortage, could result in profit loss or damage, lack of visibility, and increasing operating costs. Our warehouse locations are perfectly situated for businesses working in and across the Midlands and surrounding areas, boasting over 80,000 square feet.

Whether you are looking for a long term or short term storage & distribution centre, our facilities include; custom designed layouts, tailored processes, modern, high-quality equipment, and well-trained staff to help you maintain and even improve efficiency and customer service levels.


HDSS operates facilities across the Midlands with its headquarters located in Coventry

HD Storage Solutions

Unit A,
Wheler Road
Seven Stars Industrial Estate

This means that we can provide speedy and economical access by road all across the UK within two business days, offering transport 7 days a week.

All of these locations accommodate pallet racking and are flexibly designed to allow for a versatile integration of pallet storage, offering racked or bulk storage.

At HD we offer a modern Warehouse Management System which can provide regular reports and analytics.


All our sites are fully secured with 6ft metal fencing, with razor wire all around. We also have a full CCTV setup with motion sensors inside and out, with an alarm linked and monitored by Redcare Protection.

  • Flexi ACion 1000 – This ultra-flexible forklift fits into the tightest spaces, yet allows for a 1000kg lift capacity up to a height of eight metres. The Flexi 1000 is configured for block stacking of both Euro and ISO pallets. Additionally, it’s continuous front wheel is suited to both push back and drive-in racking operations.
  • Both gas and container spec electric counter balances.
  • Container ramps.

Warehouse Services

Container Destuffing

Markets have become increasingly globalised. As a result, supply sources have become more and more international and bulk transport more and more vital to the success of your business. In modern supply chains, the transition from container to warehouse has become a vital point in the system.

Container deliveries are an essential part of our everyday operations. Losses are costly and delays can be even more so. Therefore, we have created tailored systems to ensure that all the goods we receive are transferred both safely and efficiently. Ensuring that we handle those goods in a safe and efficient manner is among our top priorities.

Long and Short Term Storage

In modern business you have to be flexible, and that means that we need to be flexible too. For us, short term is not defined by a period of time. It is better to think of it as what suits your business needs.

Sometimes, businesses may require short term warehousing due to changes in circumstance, or more frequently, peaks in supply and demand. This can be for seasonal reasons or for changes in the marketplace. Without access to short term warehousing many businesses would find it too expensive to maintain their peak requirements year round.

Renting our warehouse services in the short term makes much more financial sense when you have an excess of goods. Companies that have regular or seasonal fluctuations in demand can especially benefit from these contracts. We offer rolling month-by-month contracts.

Having a short term storage also allows you to successfully operate a dropship business model. Our warehousing facilities take on the initial shipment which gives you time and space to fulfil each individual order.

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Head Office

Unit A
Wheler Road
Seven Stars Industrial Estate

HD Storage Solutions

Unit K2
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